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LED Lighting in the Kitchen

Kitchen Splashback: LED-light - dim & change colours
Lighting to your taste

Dim & change the colour with LED lights in your kitchen

Integrating lighting into our Glaszone elements makes them even more special. The sparkle is enhanced even more.

Choose between LEDs and RGBs. LEDs can be switched from cold to warm-white, whereas RGBs can be changed fluently between the colours to your liking. And, both are, naturally, dimmable.

Glaszone Kitchen Splashback Live 40 with blue LED-lighting

Sparkle down

Think about a convenient chat after a tough day at work with your partner. Use our deco light well-aimed to create a harmonious ambience.

Our kitchen splashbacks with integrated LED-stripes let the glass crystals sparkle. It is this sparkle that sets the right mood. Your eyes get lost in a sea of crystals – calm down easily and refill your energy fast after a tough day.

Glaszone Element bartop with LED-lighting in violet

RGB your evening

Dinner was amazing, you have been praised by your guests. What should it be now – a glass of wine, or cognac?

And, on top of that comes – not dessert as usual – the perfect lighting set by our RGBs. Change colour or dim the light and create the right atmosphere for tonight’s guests. What a nice way, to make your evening an enjoyable time for everyone.

Glaszone Kitchen Splashback with green LED-lighting

Light from all Sides

Our kitchens have outgrown their old standing as a place where you merely cook dishes and wash them afterwards. Nowadays, it is a part of our living, and not seldom a part of our living rooms.

Therefore, your kitchen deserves more attention when it comes to lighting than simple neon tubes attached to upper cabinets. Breathe life into your kitchen with our LEDs & RGBs.

RGB Colour Transition

Colour Diversity

Kitchen LED Lighting

Adapt the LED lighting in the kitchen

Dim & change the colour with LED lights in your kitchen

Simply change colour or dim your RGB lights to create the right atmosphere in your kitchen at all times.

Daylight-white light has the same effect as sun light: positive for our well-being and strengthens our concentration.

Neutral-white light enhances our attention and creates an “objectively positive” mood.

Warm-white light makes us feel cosy, comfortable and at home – the more it goes into red the more relaxing.

LED remote control easy-peasy

Change between cold- and warm light and dim to your liking
01 /

On / Off

Press the control knob once

02 /


Roll the control knob to attain the right lighting/brightness.

03 /

Cold- / Warm Light

Press the control knob twice to switch from dimming to colour temperate mode. Then roll fluently between cold and warm light.

04 /

Maximum Performance

Press the control knob for a couple of seconds.

And the best part:

Your settings are saved after switching the lights off. When you turn the lights back on the next time, they will remember, how you left them. In case you are worried that you will not be able to find the perfect setting twice!

Remote Control Knobs

Glaszone Remote Control in 5 colours

Colours: white - beige - grey - anthracite - black

RGB Remote Control for all Colours

Change colours in the totality of the RGB spectrum
01 /

On / Off

Press the control knob once.

02 /


Roll the control knob to attain the right lighting/brightness.

03 /

Change Colours

Press the control knob twice to switch from dimming to changing colours mode. Then roll fluently between the RGB colour spectrum.

04 /

Automatic Colour Transition

Press the control knob for a couple of seconds to switch into the automatic colour changing mode. Roll the control knob to set the rate at which the colours change.

And the best part:

Same as for LED lights, your settings will remain saved after you turn off RGB lights, so you do not have to worry about finding your perfect lighting once again.

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