Kitchen splashbacks made of glass

We create sparkling splashbacks by refining insulation glass with high-quality colour crystals. Personalise the design to your needs – we make it happen.


Magic sparkles

The colour Crystals’ complete coating ‘activates’ numerous crystal glass facets and creates the special refraction of light. Said refraction enriches our kitchen splashbacks with their magic sparkling brilliance.

Top-notch design

Good design catches the eye. Appearance, form and colour are your choice – as personalised as a glass splashback gets. Feel good in your kitchen, make it your second living room!

Beautiful and practical

Good looks do not cut it, we know that. A kitchen splashback naturally has to be practical. So, let us cut to the chase: easy to clean, heat resistant & grease splashes just wipe off - our splashbacks pass any test you can think of!

Your unicum crafted by hand

Every single one of our glass elements is one of a kind – crafted by hand passionately. We create your wishes, individually and unique. So You can experience the sparkle too.


Martin Zeller

Experience Sparkle

Personalise your glass splashback


    Fluent Transition from white to black - LIVE 40

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    Lighting: LED white integrated
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    Options: Stainless steel - aluminium - Email in RAL
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Fluent transition from white to black – Transition 40

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LED Lights

Lighting: LED white integrated – either from the top down, or all around

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Available as stainless steel, aluminium, or enamel in RGB colours

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A teaser of our crystal fillings

Kitchen splashback Live

Kitchen Splashback Live

40 % filling - mixed
2/3 clear - 1/3 colour

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Kitchen splashback Transition

Kitchen Splashback Transition

40 % filling
fluent colour transition

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Kitchen splashback Steps

Kitchen Splashback Stripes

40 % filling
2-3 stripes - height variable

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Colour Pattern Catalogue

Vast Colour Range available for our

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks



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