Kitchen Back Panel as Splash Cover

Perfect Splash Protection: Glass Kitchen Splashback

Splashbacks in the Kitchen - a Saving Grace

Especially behind the stove our splashbacks are a revelation. Our glass splashbacks are ideal here: heat-, shock- & impact resistant. And last, but most importantly: easy to clean.

Hot! Who cares?

Your pot is boiling and steaming – your dumplings are “al dente” soon. You put beef in the hot pan prepared with oil, fat splashes around.

No worries – what else are kitchen splashbacks made of glass for? Unsensitive to heat. You can put them behind every stove!

Permanent and timeless. Our ESG safety glass is not only heat proof, but also shock and impact resistant. Therefore, also the most unexperienced cook cannot crack the glass by smashing a pan against the splashback.

Glaszone Kitchen Splashback as ideal cover for your cooking

Soup over board

One of these long phone calls with your mother – suddenly you realise: The Soup!! Everything is spread over stove and your new splashback.

First, take a deep breath – Thank god, it’s a glass splashback. Then, take some of that classic kitchen roll and wipe all the splashes right away. Afterwards you can bring the sparkle back all so easily by using any window cleaner.

Water Battle after Dinner

Little Sara is a big girl already. That is why she wants to help mama make the dishes. She cleans big pots and wants to do it perfectly by rubbing, wiping… It is a battle field.

All mother can do is smile. Little does Sara know that a glass kitchen splashback is the ideal splash protection anyway. Still, thank you, Sara!

Additionally, small splashes of grease and dirt stay unnoticed, because every Glaszone piece lives in itself – check it out.

Cleaning a Splashback

An easy task: Apply window cleaner, then wipe it off. You will be astonished: Our lively crystal fillings make splashbacks seem untouched for a long time, small stains and splashes are not easy to catch with bare eye.

The one and only thing you are not allowed to do is scouring – that is, if you even came up with the idea. You will not have to!

Glaszone Kitchen Splashback - easy to clean
Glaszone Kitchen Splashback - hygienic neatness

Not only Clean, Pure

Glass splashbacks have a smooth surface and are gapless in comparison to ceramics. Here bacteria do not feel at home, splashes are easy to remove.

To sum up, our splashbacks are low maintenance. And on top of that they are eco-friendly, as there are numerous eco-friendly window cleaners.

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